Episode 1

Plot: Simbot is waking up and going to his work station, with his pet cat fooling around. He is greeted by his smart home assistant, Sue which initiates the dialogue. Sue has a human female voice with a British accent, and is acting like Simbot’s virtual companion, who can control his home equipment from afar. Simbot keeps a constant connection with her (even in the past or future) through his installed mobile energy generator. This energy is called sparks. She has a habit of singing at times in different voices, and also has a passion for old songs (romances and jazz).

Sue’s personality is balanced and she plays innocent jokes on Simbot such as turning the lights off and also switching to new custom settings around the house. She does this in order to have fun and to distract him from his work from time to time.

In this scene we find out about the setting and what Simbot is working on. We also meet some of the other characters, which are presented in the form of latest news on each robot.

Episode 2

Plot: Simbot has used up too many sparks and ended up in a place which he doesn’t recognise and he is trying to get back home.

Opening scene: we find Simbot in what appears to be a different atmosphere (yellowish, kind of futuristic desert) where there are different rules for gravity. Here it seems sparks function differently. Simbot is confused, he is trying to reach Sue but she remains silent.

After wandering in the dessert for some time and meeting a weird butterfly who leads him to the entrance of the temple. Inside the temple it seems sparks are even less effective. There he meets three fairies (smaller robots) which all appear to be similar and speak all at the same time (in the same voice). They also light up at the same time when speaking.

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